Listen Up

We all want to be heard. Whether it’s about the mundane details of our day, or something much deeper. Thinking back to any good or bad moment in your life, chances are there was someone you wanted to tell.

Words hold so much power, but sometimes silence is even more powerful. The art of being able to genuinely listen to someone is an admirable trait. Not everyone can do it well, but those who can are priceless, even if they don’t realize it. A good listener is someone you want in your life; a friend, a family member, or even an acquaintance.

Sometimes people don’t need advice or input, they just want you to be there.

Often just by sitting on the couch next to someone and allowing them to vent their fears, heartaches, dreams, and concerns, you are doing exactly what they need most. Every dark moment of my life was accompanied with a heart-to-heart that pulled me through. Maybe they don’t even need to talk, maybe they just literally need a shoulder to lean on or someone to cry with. (Nothing is worse than crying alone, right?)

As a society, we don’t listen to each other enough. We might hear what’s going on around us, but we don’t listen.

Take time today to genuinely listen to someone, it will mean more than you know.


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